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Figure 2

From: Robust physical methods that enrich genomic regions identical by descent for linkage studies: confirmation of a locus for osteogenesis imperfecta

Figure 2

Discrimination between IBD loci and loci with no sharing as a function of overall process efficiency. The Discrimination Factor (DF) is the ratio of a value measured when the signal is derived from pairs when the fragments are enriched for IBD sharing to the value for pairs with no sharing. The overall process efficiency indicates the extent that the process has eliminated homohybrids and non-identical heterohybrids. Plots of DF as a function of the efficiency (see Equation 1) are shown for biparental sharing (IBD-2, gray) and monoparental sharing (IBD-1, black). The ratio of the DFs for IBD-2 versus IBD-1 is also shown (dashed).

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