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Figure 1

From: LD2SNPing: linkage disequilibrium plotter and RFLP enzyme mining for tag SNPs

Figure 1

Retrieval of SNP information by LD 2 SNPing. (A) rsID# input to retrieve SNP genotype information from dbSNP in NCBI. Arrows 1 to 5 indicate the steps to retrieve SNP information. The different ssID#s for the same rsID# can be selected as indicated by the arrow at line 4. Population class, total sample, major allele, minor allele, genotype frequencies, P value of Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (HWE-P) and data source are provided as indicated by arrow 5. The RFLP information for inputting the SNP is provided (arrow line 6). (B) Gene input to retrieve tag SNPs from HapMap [12]. Four populations can be selected. The RFLP information for each tag SNP is also provided. (C) Restriction enzyme mining for RFLP in SNP genotype. Results similar to the RFLP information described in Figures 1B and 1C are shown.

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