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Figure 3

From: LD2SNPing: linkage disequilibrium plotter and RFLP enzyme mining for tag SNPs

Figure 3

Available functions in the control panel of 2D-LD and 3D-LD plots. (A) The screen view after performing the LD calculation. The control panel contains eight functions 1) Select display of distance. 2) Scope selection of the 2D-LD plot. 3) Restore scope selection. 4) Pull-down selection of the left (vertebrate axis) LD measure. 5) Pull-down selection of the right (horizontal axis) LD measure. 6) The different colours of the blocks in the diagram in Figure 3 indicate a different degree of interaction of the SNPs. 7) User-defined colour selection. 8) Repainting of 2D-LD profile. The arrows indicate the distance between SNPs. The functions marked 9 to 13 represent indicate closing a file, pie3D graph, bar graph, homing in on 2D-LD plot, and 3D-LD visualization, respectively. The arrow pointing to the box of SNP5 vs. SNP2 is displayed by mousing-over. (B) 3D-LD visualization. The distances between SNPs are indicated by the height of the diagonal line.

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