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Figure 4

From: Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) hemoglobin genes: multiplicity and polymorphism

Figure 4

Alignment of the five Atlantic cod β Hbs and of the β Hbs from rainbow trout ( O. mykiss ), eel ( A. anguilla ) and emerald rockcod ( T. bernacchii ) displaying the substitution Lys62Ala. In Atlantic cod, the two major alleles β1A and β1B display in position 62 the amino acids Lys (K) and Ala (A), respectively. In the other Atlantic cod Hbs position 62 is occupied by Ala (β2-4 Hbs) or Asn (N; β5 Hb). The other non-conservative substitution identified in the β1 chain of Atlantic cod, Met55Val, seems to have a distribution restricted to this species.

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