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Figure 1

From: Effects of two common polymorphisms in the 3' untranslated regions of estrogen receptor β on mRNA stability and translatability

Figure 1

Locations of the two SNPs in ERβ 3'UTRs and reporter constructs used in transient transfection assays. A. rs4986938 is positioned in the 3'UTR of exon 8 and rs928554 in the 3'UTR exon 9. Exons are represented as shaded boxes, 3'UTRs as white boxes, and introns as connecting lines. Exon 9 is an alternatively spliced last exon (represented as a dashed line), which gives rise to the ERβ variant ERβ2. B. Luciferase reporter constructs used in transient transfection assays were generated from a promoterless PGL3 basic plasmid. The ERβ promoter was introduced using restriction enzymes MluI and XhoI. XbaI and BamHI were used to replace the SV40 poly(A) signal with ERβ 3'UTR sequences.

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