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Figure 4

From: Effects of two common polymorphisms in the 3' untranslated regions of estrogen receptor β on mRNA stability and translatability

Figure 4

ERβ 3'UTR mRNA stability in HEK293 cells. The cells were transfected with 10 μg of the respective luciferase plasmids (ERβpromPGL3ERβ1UTRG/A for rs4986938, and ERβpromPGL3ERβ2UTRG/A for rs928554) at 90-95% confluence in 10-cm dishes. Twenty-four hours after transfection, cells were split into 6-well plates (6 wells/samples for each construct in total, corresponding to triplicate assays at two time points), so that each well could receive the same amount of plasmid. Twenty-four hours later, cells were treated with 1 μg/ml actinomycin D to suppress transcription. Cells were harvested 0 and 24 h after actinomycin D treatment, with triplicate samples for each time point. The whole experiment was performed twice, with reproducible results. One representative experiment is shown. Data are shown as mean ± SD, normalized to 18s, with the 0 h time point set to 100%. A. ERβ1 3'UTR polymorphism (rs4986938 G↔A); B. ERβ2 polymorphism (rs928554 G↔A).

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