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Table 2 Breeds analysed, country of origin and their sample sizes (N).

From: Landscape genomics and biased FST approaches reveal single nucleotide polymorphisms under selection in goat breeds of North-East Mediterranean

Breed Origin N
Argentata dell'Etna Italy 31
Bionda dell'Adamello Italy 31
Camosciata Italy 31
Capore Albania 31
Dukati Albania 31
Girgentana Italy 32
Greek goat Greece 31
Grigia molisana Italy 31
Hasi Albania 31
Liquenasi Albania 31
Mati Albania 30
Muzhake Albania 31
Orobica Italy 31
Sarda Italy 31
Skopelos Greece 31
Valdostana Italy 31
  1. List of environmental variables considered in SAM analysis. Yearly means and monthly values were used for these climatic variables (a total of 118 environmental parameters).