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Figure 1

From: Hypermethylation of the DLC1 CpG island does not alter gene expression in canine lymphoma

Figure 1

Structure of the canine DLC1 gene based on sequencing results from mRNA isolated from normal spleen tissue. The results have been deposited in GenBank with the accession number NM_001145071.1. The relative location of the protein translation start codon and functional groups in the mRNA are diagrammed, including sterile alpha motif 2 (SAM2), Rho GTPase Activating Protein motif (RhoGAP), and the lipid START motif. The location of each is described by the base number of the mRNA. The amino acid sequences for each functional group are depicted in parallel with the human sequence. The location of each peptide sequence is described by the residue number. The protein is 1083 amino acids long.

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