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Figure 6

From: A modifier screen in the Drosophila eye reveals that aPKC interacts with Glued during central synapse formation

Figure 6

Mutations in aPKC suppress the A307 >GlDN phenotype. (A-D) Dissected adult nervous systems stained for LacZ expression. Addition of a copy of either aPKC allele to the A307>GlDN background (C&D) suppresses the swollen and bendless axon tips seen in A307>GlDN preparations (B). (E) Quantification of the morphological phenotypes revealing the extent of suppression. Numbers of GFs scored are given above bars. Severely swollen axons were those that were > 3 times the normal diameter. (F) Traces from individual flies showing the response latency upon a single stimulus and following to 10 stimuli at 100 Hz in controls, A307>GlDN flies, and those also carrying the aPKC alleles tested. (G&H) Histograms showing the average response latencies and following at 100 Hz for the same genotypes. *P < 0.05 in unpaired Student's t-test. Controls were a mixture of UAS-GlDN, aPKC06403/+ and UAS-GlDN, aPKCEY224964/+ flies that did not carry A307.

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