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Figure 2

From: qDTY 1.1 , a major QTL for rice grain yield under reproductive-stage drought stress with a consistent effect in multiple elite genetic backgrounds

Figure 2

Bulk segregant analysis in N22/IR64 and N22/MTU1010 populations with RM431. L; 100 bp ladder; 1. N22; 2. IR64; 3. Bulk of high-yielding lines in N22/IR64 population; 4. Bulk of low-yielding lines in N22/IR64 population; 5. N22; 6. MTU1010; 7. Bulk of high-yielding lines of N22/MTU1010 population; 8. Bulk of low-yielding lines of N22/MTU1010 population. Arrows indicate difference between high-yielding and low-yielding bulks.

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