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Table 6 Single-marker interval (RM11943-RM431) analysis for the effect of qDTY 1.1 on GY after covariance adjustment for plant height under RS in three mapping populations based on the mean grain yield over two years

From: qDTY 1.1 , a major QTL for rice grain yield under reproductive-stage drought stress with a consistent effect in multiple elite genetic backgrounds

Population Mean grain yield of N22 homozygotes* Mean grain yield of IR64/, Swarna/, MTU1010 homozygotes p-value
N22/Swarna 1448 1267 < 0.01
N22/IR64 1330 1073 < 0.01
N22/MTU1010 1470 1381 NS
  1. *Determined based on the genotypes of RM11943 and RM431.