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Figure 3

From: Identification of candidate genes of QTLs for seed weight in Brassica napus through comparative mapping among Arabidopsis and Brassicaspecies

Figure 3

Candidate genes underlying the QTLs identified through comparative mapping. Candidate genes for mapped QTLs on LGs A4 (A), A5 (B) and C4 (C) are predicted with conserved Arabidopsis blocks mapped on B. napus map. Column a illustrates the prediction of the candidate genes. Previously mapped QTLs [11, 47] are indicated on the right-hand side of the respective LG and the conserved Arabidopsis blocks (color bars with their names (letters) inside) on the left. The homologous loci in B. rapa/B. oleracea and Arabidopsis are listed next to the conserved blocks. Red arrows indicate the positions of the predicted candidate genes. Column b presents LGs A4 (A), A5 (B) and C4 (C) with newly added gene-specific markers.

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