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Figure 2

From: Ascertaining gene flow patterns in livestock populations of developing countries: a case study in Burkina Faso goat

Figure 2

Most likely genetic discontinuities identified in Burkina Faso goat using the program Barrier. Barrier a) (in blue) separates population 18 (Bobo Dioulasso) from populations 22 and 23; barrier b) (in orange) separates populations southern Ouagadougou (population 10) from the others; barrier c) (in black) separates most populations sampled in the Sahel area from the others; barrier d) (in green) separates population 18 from populations sampled in eastern Sudan area (19 and 21) and population 11; barrier e) (in red) separates population 20 from the other populations sampled in southern latitudes in Burkina Faso. Numbers are consistent with those listed in Table 1 for the sampled populations.

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