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Table 2 Values of the statistics Z and r for partial Mantel tests assessed using the between-populations Reynolds’ genetic distance matrix and different landscape boundaries identified in the Burkina Faso territory

From: Ascertaining gene flow patterns in livestock populations of developing countries: a case study in Burkina Faso goat

Boundary Z r p-value
i) present limit of the Sahel area 3.28 0.166 0.072
ii) present limit of the Sudan area 2.53 0.233 0.037
iii) present Northern tsetse limit 3.39 0.155 0.008
iv) tsetse limits + human action1 2.97 0.167 0.046
  1. Results were obtained after accounting for effects of a third matrix giving information on the three environmental areas of Burkina Faso (Sahel, Sudan-Sahel or Sudan) in which a given population is located. The associated probabilities were calculated by carrying out 10,000 permutations of lines or columns of one of the matrices. Note that, after applying the Bonferroni correction, each of the four partial Mantel tests carried out should be tested at a statistical significance level of 0.0125 for α = 0.05.
  2. 1like iii) but separating from the tsetse infested area those populations sampled on the road from Ouagadougou to Bobo Dioulasso.