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Figure 1

From: Genetic divergence and the genetic architecture of complex traits in chromosome substitution strains of mice

Figure 1

Cumulative action of combined, significant and non-significant CSS effects for multigenic traits. For each trait that differed significantly between the parental strains, we calculated the cumulative signed phenotypic effect (summed across the CSSs) and the corresponding SEM. The absolute value of the cumulative phenotypic effect is shown in rank order for each trait. For additive effects, the cumulative phenotypic effect should approach ~100% (dashed horizontal line at 100%). Traits were termed ‘epistatic’ (indicated in red) if the cumulative phenotypic effect exceeded 100% by more than the SEM. The analysis was repeated for only those CSSs whose phenotypic difference from the host strain that achieved statistical significance, those that fell short of statistical significance, and all CSSs combined. A. PWD, and B. MSM

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