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Table 1 QTL summary for the three CSS panels

From: Genetic divergence and the genetic architecture of complex traits in chromosome substitution strains of mice

CSS panel No. of traits Multigenic traits (n) Digenic traits (n) Monogenic traits (n) No. QTLs No. of multigenic QTLs
A/J 90 62% (55) 10% (9) 12% (11) 16% (14) 437
PWD 76 49% (37) 30% (37) 16% (12) 5% (4) 203
MSM 71 55% (39) 11% (8) 25% (18) 8% (6) 283
  1. For each trait, ‘multigenic’ means at least three CSSs differed significantly from the C57BL/6J host strain, and ‘digenic’ and ‘monogenic’ means two CSSs or only one CSS respectively differed significantly from the host strain, and ‘no QTL’ means no CSSs differed significantly from the host strain. ‘No. of multigenic QTLs’ is the sum of the CSSs with significant effects for all multigenic traits in each CSS panel, assuming that each significant CSS represents at least one QTL on the substituted chromosome.