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Table 2 QTL number and average phenotypic effect for multigenic traits in the three CSS panels

From: Genetic divergence and the genetic architecture of complex traits in chromosome substitution strains of mice

CSS panel No. of multigenic traits Ave. no. QTLs per trait (min, max) Ave. phenotypic effect (%)(min, max)
A/J 41 8.0 (3,16) 75.9 (24.4, 148.4)
PWD 22 5.5 (3,13) 153.0 (29.0, 408.6)
MSM 22 7.2 (3,15) 47.4 (16.6, 148.4)
  1. Ave – average (Min – minimum, Max – maximum). These results apply to traits that showed significant differences for at least three CSSs, and that also differed significantly between the parental strains. The NormUnit method was used to calculate phenotypic effect; the Hi_Low method yielded similar results (not shown).