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Table 5 Features of genetic architecture and systems properties in the three CSS panels

From: Genetic divergence and the genetic architecture of complex traits in chromosome substitution strains of mice

CSS panel Percentage of traits that are multigenic Ave. no. of QTLs per trait Ave. phenotypic effect (%) Percentage of traits showing epistasis Median cum. effect “away” from donor
A/J 62% 8.0 75.9 98% 790.3% 7.3%
PWD 49% 5.6 152.91 86% 751.8% 31.3%3
MSM 57% 7.7 47.22 100% 412.0% 11.9%
  1. Each of the three CSS panels was compared to the C57BL/6J host strain. Various features of genetic and systems architecture of complex traits were compared for the two CSS contrasts, namely CSSPWD vs CSSA/J and CSSMSM vs CSSA/J. Statistical tests were applied to average phenotypic effect (%), percentage of traits showing epistasis, median cumulative effect, and phenotypic shift ‘away from donor’ strain, but were not used for percentage of traits that are multigenic and average number of QTLs per trait, because both the PWD and MSM panels are incomplete (missing CSSs).
  2. 1t-test: P < 10.-20
  3. 2t-test: P < 10.-16
  4. 3 χ2 contingency test: P < 0.001.