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Table 1 Summary of the SNP and haplotypes associated with carcass weight

From: Genome-wide association study identified three major QTL for carcass weight including the PLAG1-CHCHD7 QTN for stature in Japanese Black cattle

Category1) SNP or Haplotype Chr Position (Btau4.0) Allele substitution effect (kg) p-value Q allele q allele Q frequency
A Hapmap26308-BTC-057761 6 37,963,147 35.5 9.65E-12 A G 0.199
  BTA-52694-no-rs 8 89,397,242 26.0 4.24E-09 A G 0.138
  Hapmap46986-BTA-34282 14 23,519,449 27.2 1.03E-12 A G 0.759
B NCAPG c.1326T > G 6 38,164,357 35.3 5.28E-12 G T 0.200
  Hapmap40466-BTA-82123 and BTA-52694-no-rs 8 - 35.0 8.13E-13 C-A Others 0.115
  FJX_PLAPROTRI 14 23,264,810 28.4 2.84E-14 (CCG)11 (CCG)9 0.754
  1. 1)A, SNP on the BovineSNP50 BeadChip that showed the strongest association on a chromosome.
  2. 1)B, Critical SNP or a haplotype in the associated regions.