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Table 2 Comparative SNP density based on sequencing studies of the human and the rhesus macaque

From: The rhesus macaque is three times as diverse but more closely equivalent in damaging coding variation as compared to the human

Genome Technology used SNPs/Kb
Venter Sanger method 1.41*
Watson 454 Sequencing System (Roche) 1.46*
Chinese (YH) Genome Analyzer (Illumina) 1.35*
African (NA18507) Genome Analyzer (Illumina) 1.58*
African (NA18507) SOLiD system (Applied Biosystems) 1.69*
Korean (SJK) Genome Analyzer (Illumina) 1.50*
Korean (AK1) Genome Analyzer (Illumina) 1.51*
Proband (III-4) SOLiD system (Applied Biosystems) 1.50*
CEU,YRI Genome Analyzer, SOLiD, 454 1.21-1.48**
Humans, in this study Genome Analyzer (Illumina) 1.07(0.97-1.26)
Macaques, in this study Genome Analyzer (Illumina) 2.82(1.88-3.71)
  1. *The SNP number was from Lupski et al. 2010 [19] and SNPs/Kb was calculated based on the total SNPs reported, an estimated size of 2.85 x 109 for the sequenced human genome and an estimate that 80% of the genome was accessible, for example due to mappability [17].
  2. **Based on SNPs detected and accessible genome size from the high coverage Pilot Trios data of the 1000 Genomes Project [17].