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Table 4 Epistatic interactions between QTLs for number of pods per plant in the Pusa Dwarf/HDM04-1 F 2:3 population of pigeonpea

From: Molecular mapping of QTLs for plant type and earliness traits in pigeonpea (Cajanus cajanL. Millsp.)

Locus 1 Flanking markersa LG (position)b Locus 2 Flanking markersa LG (position)b Gene effectc(value) P-value PVE
qPD3.1 ASNP64-ASNP882 3 (10.0) qPD5.1 ASSR100-ASSR206 5 (85.3) AA (7.8) 0.015 1.58
       AD (-5.1) 0.251 3.74
       DD (17.54) 0.017 1.47
  1. a Markers flanking the of F-value peak interval for the QTL.
  2. b Location (in cM) of the highest point of F-value peak for the QTL.
  3. c AA, additive by additive; AD, additive by dominance; DD, dominance by dominance interaction.