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Table 1 Five Oar5 SNPs on the Illumina ovine 50K SNP array showing significant association with litter size, together with GDF9 c.1111G>A

From: A missense mutation in growth differentiation factor 9 (GDF9) is strongly associated with litter size in sheep

SNP identity Position at Oar v3.1 Unadjusted p-values
s32463.1 45331371 8.607353e-10
OAR5_45481559.1 41841919 1.238006e-08
OAR5_46719933.1 42737138 3.030593e-08
OAR5_49873739.1 45779648 5.395519e-07
OAR5_53543443.1 49273490 7.651872e-07
GDF9 c.1111G>A 41841345 2.122380e-29
  1. Using the Bonferroni correction for multiple testing (p<0.05), five Oar5 SNPs on the Illumina ovine 50K SNP array showed significant association to litter size in Norwegian White Sheep. Chromosomal positions together with the unadjusted p-values are shown. The corresponding information for GDF9 c.1111G>A is also shown.