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Table 5 Frequencies of common haplotypes and diplotypes

From: A SNP in the 5′ flanking region of the myostatin-1b gene is associated with harvest traits in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)

Haplotype Frequency Diplotype Frequency
ATG (hap1) 0.02 hap5/hap5 0.43
ATC (hap2) 0.12 hap4/hap5 0.21
CTC (hap4) 0.14 hap2/hap5 0.17
CCG (hap5) 0.67 hap5/hap6 0.07
CCC (hap6) 0.05 hap2/hap4 0.03
   hap4/hap4 0.02
   hap1/hap5 0.02
   hap2/hap6 0.01
  1. Haplotypes and Diplotypes with frequency < 0.01 were excluded.