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Figure 5

From: Genome-wide and local pattern of linkage disequilibrium and persistence of phase for 3 Danish pig breeds

Figure 5

Local LD decay rate ( α ̂ ) and LD ( r2) in different window sizes. The figures show effects of different window sizes on the estimates of α ̂ and expected r2, illustrated with Chromosome 1, Duroc. (a) is a plot of α ̂ for each sliding window against the physical position (in Mb) of the middle point SNP in this window, and (b) is a plot of the expected r 2 ̂ by α ̂ and d = 10 Mb against middle point SNP position (in Mb). The window sizes are 50, 100, 200. The grey horizontal line represents the mean α ̂ for whole Chromosome 1.

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