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Table 1 This table displays the p-values for the association between the Fagerstrom Test for Nicotine Dependence (FTND) and the markers listed above for the different statistical tests: the NPBAT where E x = x ̄ c is the genotypic mean of the current smokers, NPBAT where E x = x ̄ f is the genotypic mean of the former smokers, the Improved Score Test and a linear regression

From: A general semi-parametric approach to the analysis of genetic association studies in population-based designs

Method NPBAT: E x = x ̄ c NPBAT: E x = x ̄ f Improved Score Test Regression
rs1051730 0.00134 0.00138 0.00227 0.00259
rs8034191 0.00386 0.00391 0.00694 0.00744