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Table 4 Recombinant sequences and their potential parental sequences at the black grouse BLB1 and BLB2 (calculated with Maxchi)

From: Evolutionary history of black grouse major histocompatibility complex class IIB genes revealed through single locus sequence-based genotyping

Locus Recombinant sequence Major parent Minor parent
BLB1125 BLB1125-03 BLB1125-06 BLB1125-14
BLB1125-04, BLB1125-11, BLB1125-14 BLB1125-06 BLB1125-05
BLB2125 BLB2125-07, BLB2125-09, BLB2125-12 BLB2125-04 unknown
BLB2251 BLB2251-04B BLB2251-07 BLB2251-10
BLB1&2125 BLB1125-05 BLB2125-07 BLB2125-02
BLB2125-07, BLB2125-09, BLB2125-12, BLB1125-03 BLB1125-06 BLB2125-01