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Table 6 Summary table for CODEML

From: Evolutionary history of black grouse major histocompatibility complex class IIB genes revealed through single locus sequence-based genotyping

Locus Model (ref) 2(Lb-La) p Positively selected codons
9 61 71 74 85 86
BLB1125 M1a - M2a 34.48 <0.001   x x x   x
M7 - M8 35.56 <0.001   x x x   x
BLB2125 M1a - M2a 22.90 <0.001   x x x   x
M7 - M8 23.02 <0.001   x x x x x
BLB2251 M1a - M2a 27.08 <0.001   x x x   x
M7 - M8 27.12 <0.001 x x x x x x
BLB1&2125 M1a - M2a 45.40 <0.001   x x x x x
M7 - M8 48.38 <0.001   x x x x x
Dist. to Tong PBR    0 1 0 0 1 0
  1. Two model comparisons were conducted; each comparison includes a neutral model (M1a, M7) and a model allowing for positive selection (M2a, M8). Significance was assessed by comparing twice the difference in likelihood 2(Lb-La) between the models to a χ2-distribution (df = 2). The models fitting our data best are marked in bold. x marks positively selected codons calculated by Bayes Empirical Bayes (BEB) at the >95% confidence level. Distance (Dist.) to Tong PBR corresponds to the amino acid distance between identified site and the nearest peptide binding position identified by Tong et al. [73]. For parameter estimates see Additional file 4.