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Table 1 Designations of mouse strains used for growth analyses

From: Genetic background (DDD/Sgn versus C57BL/6J) strongly influences postnatal growth of male mice carrying the Ayallele at the agouti locus: identification of quantitative trait loci associated with diabetes and body weight loss

Designation Synonymous designation Strain background Coat color (agouti genotype) Sex No. of mice used
DDDYM DDD-Ay male DDD Yellow (Ay) Male 14
DDDYF DDD-Ay female DDD Yellow (Ay) Female 23
DDDAM DDD male DDD Agouti (A) Male 17
DDDAF DDD female DDD Agouti (A) Female 14
B6YM B6-Ay male B6 Yellow (Ay) Male 11
B6YF B6-Ay female B6 Yellow (Ay) Female 17
B6AM B6 male B6 Black (a) Male 11
B6AF B6 female B6 Black (a) Female 15
DBYM DB-Ay male (♀DDD × ♂B6) F1 Yellow (Ay) Male 9
DBYF DB-Ay female (♀DDD × ♂B6) F1 Yellow (Ay) Female 10
DBAM DB male (♀DDD × ♂B6) F1 Agouti (A) Male 9
DBAF DB female (♀DDD × ♂B6) F1 Agouti (A) Female 10
BDYM BD-Ay male (♀B6 × ♂DDD) F1 Yellow (Ay) Male 12
BDYF BD-Ay male (♀B6 × ♂DDD) F1 Yellow (Ay) Female 16
BDAM BD male (♀B6 × ♂DDD) F1 Agouti (A) Male 22
BDAF BD female (♀B6 × ♂DDD) F1 Agouti (A) Female 15
  1. Coat color of B6 males and B6 females is actually black but is classified as agouti (i.e., A) for convenience.