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Table 6 Single QTL scans for body weight at 25 weeks in combined BC mice using the agouti genotype as a covariate

From: Genetic background (DDD/Sgn versus C57BL/6J) strongly influences postnatal growth of male mice carrying the Ayallele at the agouti locus: identification of quantitative trait loci associated with diabetes and body weight loss

Chromosome LOD scores (peak position, cM)
Agoutias an additive covariate (LODa)a Agoutias an interactive covariate (LODf)b LODi(LODf-LODa)c
4 None 3.52 (61) 2.27 (49)
  1. Only significant QTLs are listed.
  2. aSignificant threshold LOD score was 2.57.
  3. bSignificant threshold LOD score was 3.28.
  4. cLODi is the difference between the LOD score with agouti as an interactive covariate (LODf) and the LOD score with agouti as an additive covariate (LODa). This derives from a test of the QTL × agouti interaction. Significant threshold LOD score was 1.91.