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Table 2 Detection of the nine previously studied SNP60 hybrid individuals at a structure assignment threshold of 0.25 (see Table 1 )

From: Reintroductions and genetic introgression from domestic pigs have shaped the genetic population structure of Northwest European wild boar

  Individual Level Type
Detected 7 1st Recent
  2 2nd Recent
  5 3rd Recent
  1 4th Recent
  3 2nd Recent
Not detected 9 3rd Advanced
(type II error) 6 2nd Advanced
  8 2nd Advanced
  4 5th Advanced
  1. Individual numbering corresponds to Goedbloed et al. [21]. The level of introgression is based on the number of introgressed domestic alleles per individual and expressed as being equivalent to the number of generations since hybridization according to simulations [21]. The type of hybrid (recent versus advanced generation) is distinguished based on the genomic distribution of introgressed alleles (clustered or spread out respectively) [21].