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Figure 6

From: Evaluation of the taxonomic status of populations assigned to Phyllomedusa hypochondrialis (Anura, Hylidae, Phyllomedusinae) based on molecular, chromosomal, and morphological approach

Figure 6

Karyotypes defined by C-banding. (A) L11- São Luís (ZUEC 16216, male), (B) L12- Bacabeira (ZUEC 16225, male), (C) L13- Urbano Santos (ZUEC 13665, female), (D) L14- Porto Nacional (ZUEC 13491, male), (E) L15- Barreiras (ZUEC 17072, male), and (F) L16- Uberlândia (ZUEC 15888, male). The arrowheads indicate th e position of the non-centromeric heterochromatic blocks. Note in (F) subterminal block of heterochomatin in a single homologue of pair 1 (morph 1b), absent in morph 1a. Bar=3 μm.

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