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Table 3 SNP and haplotype pattern of cinnamate 4-hydroxylase (C4H) encoding gene, investigated with pyrosequencing (SNPs 1 to 4) depicted in 5' to 3' direction

From: Development of SNP markers for genes of the phenylpropanoid pathway and their association to kernel and malting traits in barley

Haplotypes SNPs from 5' to 3' Haplotype frequency (No. of cultivars) according row number and growth habit Haplotype frequency (No. of cultivars)
  SNP1 SNP2 SNP3 SNP4 2r-S 6r-S 2r-W 6r-W  
C4H_H1 T C A A 86 1 38 1 126
C4H_H2 C T T G 2 23 33 58
Unknown Missing SNP information 6 1 1 8
Total      94 2 61 35 192
  1. All four markers are localized in the 3'-non-coding region of the gene and were observed within a set of 190 European barley cultivars and the mapping parents Steptoe x Morex. S = Spring, W = Winter, 2r = two-rowed, 6r = six-rowed.