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Table 5 SNP and haplotype pattern in the adjacent fragments F3H_1 and GM022 of the flavanone 3-hydroxylase (F3H) encoding gene revealed by gel electrophoresis (296 bp InDel) and by pyrosequencing assays in a set of 190 European barley cultivars and the mapping parents Steptoe and Morex

From: Development of SNP markers for genes of the phenylpropanoid pathway and their association to kernel and malting traits in barley

Haplotypes SNPs/IDs from 5' to 3' Haplotype frequency (No. of cultivars) according row number and growth habit Haplotype frequency (No. of cultivars)
  F3H1_ID3 F3H1_ID4 F3H1_SNP36 F3H1_SNP37 F3H1_SNP38 F3H1_SNP39 GM022_SNP1 GM022_SNP2 GM022_SNP3 2r-S 6r-S 2r-W 6r-W  
  Intron Intron Intron Intron Intron Intron Intron Intron Exon   
F3H_H1 296 bp insert C C C G C C C (Leu) 15 1 59 31 106
F3H_H2 AT T C G A G A C (Leu) 29 1 1 1 32
F3H_H3 296 bp insert C C G G G A T (Leu) 28 1 1 30
F3H_H4 AT C A G A G A C (Leu) 13 13
Unknown Missing SNP information 9   2 8
Total           94 2 61 35 192
  1. Coding amino acids are given in brackets. ID = Insertion/Deletion, S = Spring, W = Winter, 2r = two-rowed, 6r = six-rowed.