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Table 1 Completely sequenced mitochondrial genomes of Mytilus sp. used in comparative analyses

From: Co-expressed mitochondrial genomes: recently masculinized, recombinant mitochondrial genome is co-expressed with the female – transmitted mtDNA genome in a male Mytilus trossulus mussel from the Baltic Sea

Species Accession Type Code Reference
Mytilus edulis NC_006161 F F-Me [41]
Baltic Mytilus trossulus DQ198231 F F-BMt [26]
Baltic Mytilus trossulus DQ198225 M M-BMt [26]
Mytilus galloprovincialis FJ890849 F F-Mg [42]
Mytilus galloprovincialis EF434638 RF RF-Mg [33]
Mytilus galloprovincialis AY363687 M M1-Mg [43]
Mytilus galloprovincialis FJ890850 M M2-Mg [42]
  1. RF: Recombinant F genome.