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Table 1 Summary of parameters used in simulation

From: Association studies including genotype by environment interactions: prospects and limits

Symbol Definition Range
n Sample size 90a to 277b
pi Original phenotype of individual i Field-based flowering time score a,b
r Effect ratio, difference of effect associated with a variant 0 to 1.5
σG Standard deviation of the phenotype 6.83a; 8.72b
λ Numeric value measuring the change in SNP effect between environments 0.05 to 2
q Mean SNP allele frequency 0.05; 0.25; 0.50
q0 Mean ancestry 0.28a; 0.49b
h2 heritability 0.25; 0.75
  1. abased on pearl millet real dataset.
  2. bbased on maize real dataset.