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Table 1 Reliability of estimated breeding values (EBVs) and regression coefficients of true breeding value on EBV (The subscripts are the standard deviations of 10 replicates)

From: Comparison of single-trait and multiple-trait genomic prediction models

Trait Reference animals Validation animals
Single-trait Multiple-trait Single-trait Multiple-trait
R EBV _ s 2 R EBV _ m 2 R EBV _ s 2 b EBV _ s R EBV _ m 2 b EBV _ m
I 0.9510.001 0.9520.001 0.3480.023 0.9700.034 0.3500.024 0.9710.037
II 0.7920.004 0.8220.014 0.1820.009 0.9050.074 0.2290.019 0.9190.071
  1. R EBV 2
  2. : the squared correlation between conventional EBVs and true breeding value (TBV) for the reference and validation animals;
  3. b EBV : the regression coefficient of TBV on the EBV for the validation animals;
  4. EBV_s: EBV response variable estimated using the conventional single-trait linear mixed model;
  5. EBV_m: EBV response variable estimated using the conventional multi-trait linear mixed model.