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Figure 4

From: Determining immune components necessary for progression of pigment dispersing disease to glaucoma in DBA/2J mice

Figure 4

Tolerogenic capacities of APCs from D2 Klrd1+/+mice. APCs isolated from mice of the indicated genotypes were injected into B6D2F1/J recipients. The APCs were first cultured either in absence (Untreated) or presence of TGFβ2 and pulsed with OVA. The ability of the APCs to induce immune deviation was determined by measuring the ear swelling response of F1 recipients to an OVA challenge (F1s had been previously inoculated with OVA). Functional immune deviation will result in suppression of a DTH response to the OVA challenge, resulting in no or minimum ear swelling. In contrast and if APCs are unable to manifest immune deviation, OVA challenge will induce ear swelling. Induction of immune deviation is detected as the suppression of ear swelling response in the TGFβ2-treated groups as compared to the untreated group. Ear swelling responses are presented as mean ± SEM. Negative controls (Neg control) were naïve and only received the intrapinnae challenge injection of OVA.

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