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Figure 7

From: Determining immune components necessary for progression of pigment dispersing disease to glaucoma in DBA/2J mice

Figure 7

Degree of optic nerve degeneration is comparable between CD94 sufficient and deficient mice. To assess the effects of CD94 sufficiency on optic nerve degeneration, we analyzed PPD-stained optic nerve cross sections. For this analysis, CD94 sufficient mice had either a D2 Klrd1+/+or D2 Klrd1+/- genotype, while CD94 deficient mice were Klrd1-/-. A) Distributions of optic nerve damage at 12 mo. B) Representative images from nerves with no glaucoma have a clear axoplasm and darkly stained myelin sheath. Nerves with severe damage have extensive axon loss and glial scarring. CD94 status did not alter glaucomatous optic nerve damage. For each group > 30 eyes were evaluated.

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