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Figure 1

From: Mapping of single-copy genes by TSA-FISH in the codling moth, Cydia pomonella

Figure 1

Mapping of genes on chromosome preparations from testes of the codling moth, Cydia pomonella. Chromosomes were counterstained by DAPI (light blue). Hybridization signals (green, red, and violet) mark the physical position of genes under study (Ace-1, Nan, RpP0, and Notch). (a) Ace-1 localized on one bivalent in the pachytene spermatocyte complement by TSA-FISH; note two discrete but unbalanced (one large and one small) hybridization signals, each representing the Ace-1 locus on one homologous chromosome. (b) TSA-FISH with the Ace-1 probe revealed a nearly middle position of the Ace-1 locus on two largest elements of male mitotic metaphase corresponding to the Z chromosomes. (c) Two Z-linked genes, RpP0 and Nan, were mapped to the Z chromosome bivalent in the pachytene nucleus by BAC-FISH. Subsequent TSA-FISH localized the Ace-1 gene between these two markers. (d) The Notch gene mapped to a subterminal region of the Z chromosome bivalent in pachytene chromosomes by TSA-FISH. (e) Two single copy genes, Ace-1 and Notch, mapped to the Z chromosome bivalent in pachytene chromosomes by two-colour TSA-FISH. (Scale bar: 10 µm.)

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