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Figure 1

From: Male-specific Y-linked transgene markers to enhance biologically-based control of the Mexican fruit fly, Anastrepha ludens(Diptera: Tephritidae)

Figure 1

Y-linked and autosomal fluorescent marker expression in A. ludens transformed with pBXL{ PUbnlsEGFP, Asβ2tub-DsRed.T3 }. The brightfield (BF; A, D, G) and epifluorescent EGFP (GFP2; B, E, H), and DsRed (TXR; C, F, I) phenotypes of: a YEGFP male (left) and female (right) shown in panels A, B, and C; an autosomal insertion (unmapped) strain male (left) and female (right) shown in panels D, E, and F; and testes from a YEGFP and autosomal insertion strain male shown in panels G, H, and I. See Methods for details on epifluorescent microscopy and filter sets.

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