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Figure 6

From: Chromosomal mapping, gene structure and characterization of the human and murine RAB27B gene

Figure 6

Transiently over-expressed EGFP-Rab27a and EGFP-Rab27b, but not EGFP-Rab1a, associate with melanosomes in melanocytes. Melan-c cells were transfected with pEGFP-Rab27a (A-C), EGFP-Rab27b (D-F) or pEGFP-Rab1a (G-I) and fixed 48 hours later, as described in Materials and Methods. Panels A, D and G show the distribution of the indicated over-expressed EGFP-Rab fusion protein in melan-c cells. B, E and H show the distribution of the melanosomes resident protein TRP-1. C, F and I show the extent of colocalisation of each overexpressed fusion protein with melanosomes. Bars = 20 μm

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