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Figure 4

From: A necdin/MAGE-like gene in the chromosome 15 autism susceptibility region: expression, imprinting, and mapping of the human and mouse orthologues

Figure 4

Imprinting analysis of NDNL2/Ndnl2. (A) Restriction digestion of PCR of genomic DNA from C57BL/6, SPRET and an F1 offspring demonstrating the interspecific polymorphism, RT-PCR of tissues (nb = newborn) from the F1 offspring. Note that both alleles are active. (B) RT-PCR of fibroblast (FB) and lymphoblast (LCL) RNA from PWS, AS and control samples. NDNL2 is expressed in all cell lines whereas SNRPN is not expressed in PWS cell lines (i.e. is imprinted).

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