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Figure 4

From: MICE, a program to track and monitor animals in animal facilities

Figure 4

List of animal present in MICE. This is the list of animals present in MICE. The most important information is displayed on one lane per animal: ID#, name, parents ID#, generation, birth date, genetic status, sex, status, cage#, owner and analysis #. Clicking on the name will display all information available for that specific animal (see Fig. 5). The little symbolized tree gives access to the genealogy of the animal chosen, while clicking on the siblings button will post the list of all the animals from the same litter. Clicking on the status, cage, owner or analysis will allow to modify these parameters if necessary, as well as the generation number. Sex can be entered by clicking on the corresponding case. Note that the birth date, for reliability reasons, cannot be modified. Animals of interest can be marked by clicking on their "mark" case to be quickly isolated later on, by clicking on the "Find marked" button. "Mark these" will mark the animals currently displayed, for example those isolated following a search (see Fig. 6). "Clear these marks" is used to remove marks present within the list of animals currently browsed, while "Clear all marks" will erase all marks, even those that are not in the list currently browsed. The top control panel gives access to the other options of MICE, and the print icon controls the printing of the list of animals being browsed.

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