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Table 2 RHD alleles predicted from coding sequence polymorphism

From: RHD allele distribution in Africans of Mali

Allele Nucleotide aberrations Amino acid aberrations Donors carrying the allele Reference
RHD None (reference sequence) None 42 [20]
DAU-0 1136C > T T379M 18 [9]
RHDΨ RHDΨ † M218I, F223V, S225F, Y269X 7 [5]
Ccdes 186G > T, 410C > T, 455A > C L62F, A137V, N152T 5 [6]
DAU-0.1 579G > A, 1136C > T T379M 2 This work
RHD(384T > C) 384T > C None 1 This work
DMA/ 621G > C L207F 1 This work
DAU-3 835G > A, 1136C > T V279M, T379M 1 [9]
  1. * The sum is less than 116 alleles, because homozygous occurrences were not accounted for. † All RHDΨ alleles detected carried the 37 bp duplication at the intron3/exon 4 junction and the five single nucleotide substitutions 609G > A, 654G > C,667T > G,674C > T, and 807T > G as previously described by Singleton et al. [5]. ‡ In three donors, the observed aberrations would also be compatible with the presence of the DIII type 4 allele, because normal RHD sequences occurred in trans.