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Table 1 QTLs at candidate loci and in peak intervals with highest importance

From: Mapping complex traits using Random Forests

  Candidate Genes Analysis Genome Scan Analysis
Rank HDL Glucose Triglycerides 1st Principal Component HDL Glucose Triglycerides 1st Principal Component
1 b12 FPB b17 b12 b12 FP FP b19,b20
2 b20 FP b14 b20 FP FP FP b13
3 b13 FP b12 FP b19,b20,b18 b30A b13 b12
4 s3A FP b27A FP FP s3 b14 FP
5 s4A FP FP b17 FP FP FP FP
6 FP FP FP b19 FP FP b17 FP
7 b19 FP b33A b20 FP b14 FP b29
8 FP b23A b25 FP FP FP b12 b22, s3
9 FP b22A FP b13 FP FP FP FP
10 s7A b18 FP FP b24A FP b35A FP
11 b24A FP FP s7A b26A FP FP FP
12 FP s4 FP s3 b20 FP FP b14
  1. List of genes influencing a trait directly or indirectly through a correlated trait. For peak intervals (genome scan), all genes directly affecting a trait are listed. A Genes influencing only a correlated trait. BFP, false positive (for genome scan, peak intervals containing no gene influencing the trait).