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Table 2 List of the ISSR primers used in the present study.

From: Genetic diversity and relationships in mulberry (genus Morus) as revealed by RAPD and ISSR marker assays

S. No Primers Sequence
1) (CA)7Y (GCT)(AGT)(GCT)(CA)7Y
2) (TG)7Y (CAT)(GCA)(CAT)(TG)7Y
3) (TG)7 (GCA)(CAT)(GCA)R(TG)7
4) (GT)8 (GT)8 (A/G) Y
5) TCC (GT)8 (A/G)TCC
6) (CA)7 (GAT)(GCT)(GAT)(CA)7
  1. R = Purine, Y = Pyrimidine