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Table 1 ARI Strains, Current Inbreeding and Availability

From: A new set of BXD recombinant inbred lines from advanced intercross populations in mice

Strains BXD Parental AIL AIL Gen. Inbred at Inbreeding Generation Strains Genotyped Generation Genotyped Availability
43–52 Princeton G10 Princeton 18 Yes F9-F13 7/9a
53–56 Princeton G14 Princeton 14 No N/A Pending
57–66 UTHSC G9 Princeton 16 Yes F8-F10 8/9a
67–68 UTHSC G10 UTHSC 16 Yes F8-F9 2/2
69–94 UTHSC G10 UTHSC 15 Yesb N/A Pending
  1. aBXD47, BXD58, and BXD72 are now extinct. BXD71, BXD81, and BXD82 have no offspring and are likely to become extinct, so are not counted towards the total number of strains. bGenotyped only at a small set of closely spaced marker pairs and a moderately dense set more recently generated set of 268 markers