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Figure 2

From: A screen for proteins that interact with PAX6: C-terminal mutations disrupt interaction with HOMER3, DNCL1 and TRIM11

Figure 2

Semi-quantitative PCR analysis of Homer3, Dncl1, Trim11 and Pax6 in the mouse brain cDNA library. Library cDNA was amplified with primers specific for Pax6 (600 bp), Homer3 (485 bp band), Dncl1 (485 bp) and Trim11 (609 bp) for 20, 25, 30 or 35 cycles. Atp5a1 (415 bp) and Gapdh (450 bp), which are highly expressed in the brain, are included for comparison. M indicates the Φ×174 Hae III DNA size marker; the positions of the 603 bp and 310 bp marker bands are indicated.

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