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Table 1 The SNPs showing significant association located in major schizophrenia susceptibility candidate regions

From: Whole-genome association studies of alcoholism with loci linked to schizophrenia susceptibility

Chr SNP ID Gene symbol Cytoband PDT p-value Reported schizophrenia regione
1 rs908857 DUSP10 1q41 0.0043a 1q32.2-q41
  rs1053074-rs10594 KCNJ10 1q22-q23 0.0055c 1q21-22
  tsc1457991-tsc1254625 PBX1 1q23 0.001c 1q22-23
5 rs1229708 SPOCK 5q31 0.009a 5q31
  tsc0935735 FER 5q21 0.0088b 5q21-31
6 rs1498426 CDKAL1 6p22.3 0.006b 6p22-24
  rs1022092 SLC16A10 6q21-q22 0.0039b  
  tsc0046065 PREP 6q22 0.0022a 6q21-q22.3
  tsc0615608 AIM1 6q21 0.0087c  
  tsc0253130 TCBA1 6q21 0.0003b
8 tsc0149489-tsc0514918-tsc0529734 PTK2B 8p21.1 0.0056c 8p21-22
  rs898249-rs900267-rs310319 BIN3 8p21.3 0.0053c  
10 rs729245 CACNB2 10p12 0.0009a 10p11-15
  1. aAverage-PDT p-value
  2. bSum-PDT p-value
  3. cGenotype-PDT p-value
  4. dGEE p-value
  5. eData were brought from Michael et al.'s review article [2]. SNPs listed are located in genetic regions and showed allelic or genotypic association at 1% significance level. The schizophrenia susceptibility regions were identified by several independent linkage studies.