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Figure 1

From: Association study of the trinucleotide repeat polymorphism within SMARCA2 and schizophrenia

Figure 1

CLUSTAL W (1.82) multiple sequence alignment of the polyglutamine domain of mammalian BRM with the P/Q rich region in D. melanogaster and S. cerevisiae. Sequence alignment between BRM from Homo sapiens [GenBank: NP_003061.3], Macau mulatta [GenBank: AAV67666.1], Mus musculus [GenBank: NP_035546.2], Rattus norvegius [GenBank: NP_001004446.1], D. melanogast er [GenBank: P25439] and the homologous SNF2p from S. cerevisiae [GenBank: NP_014933.1] was conducted.

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